Sludge Drying Bleicherode

In mid-July 2023, a PyroDry®1500 was put into operation at the sewage treatment plant in Bleicherode. This is a research project of the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen, funded by the federal government.
For two years, very promising planting experiments with sludge coal were carried out at the university to green the nearby potash heaps.
Under the project name CarboMass, a large-scale field trial is starting to revive the dormant potash heaps.

Pyro Dry

Sneak preview – biochar is made from sewage sludge

Sludge Drying Bissingen

Sewage sludge drying Markt Bissingen
The drying and pelleting system has been in operation 24/7 since 2017.
Annually, approximately 3800 tons of dewatered municipal sewage sludge are dried from 22% dry matter to 90% dry matter.
The amount to be disposed of is reduced from previously 3800 tons to 929 tons. With an average disposal price of €125/ton, the savings from drying amount to €356,000 per year.

Liquid digestate drying at Biomethan Mühlacker

Since 2019, a STR12 dryer with ZRP250 pelletizing from Jumbo Group has been operated at the biomethane plant in the city of Mühlacker.
The plant dries liquid digestate from 8% dry matter to 90% dry matter.
The dried digestate is then pelletized and packaged in household sizes.
The dried and concentrated digestate is marketed in the region as a universal fertilizer under the name Garden Bliss.

Sewage sludge drying, pelleting and pyrolysis Zweckverband Niederfrohna

Since the end of 2018, the plant for drying, pelletizing, and pyrolysis has been operated at the sewage treatment plant in Niederfrohna.
The dewatered sewage sludge is automatically conveyed into the push-floor container of the dryer.
The dryer is operated using the 300°C hot exhaust gases from a VT micro gas turbine.
The dried sewage sludge is pelletized and the pellets are fed into the pyrolysis unit.
From 1400 tons of dewatered sewage sludge, 257 tons of multipurpose coal are produced, which significantly improve the quality as an additive in compost production.
At the same time, 187 tons of CO2 are stored. An innovative project that impressively demonstrates how environmental protection works and how a valuable product is created from waste.

Sewage sludge drying in the city of Monheim

Since 2019, the drying and pelletization have been operated at the membrane sewage treatment plant of the City of Monheim.
It is a STR4 dryer and a ZRP250 pelletizer.
This is currently our smallest plant with an annual capacity of approximately 1500 tons of dewatered sewage sludge, designed for smaller municipalities and wastewater associations.