Manufacturer of plants for biomass processing and refining

We manufacture dryers and pelletizers as well as the entire storage and material logistics for fully automated drying operations. With our latest product PyroDry®, we manufacture systems for the self-sufficient energy conversion of wet biomass to the end product biochar.


Smart dry

Highly efficient with only 700W of thermal energy per liter of water evaporation

Added value

Residual material becomes recyclable material with a wide range of marketing opportunities


100% exhaust gas utilization for efficient high-temperature drying


Industry standard 4.0 with the latest hardware and software and a sophisticated design


TÜV type-tested guarantees the highest level of safety.


Together with the customer, we create the optimal system placement and integration into an existing infrastructure.
We produce site-related layouts, detailed drawings
for the interfaces, provide the technical and safety-related
documentation for the approval authorities and take part in the necessary discussions with the authorities.
We provide your planner or architect with all the drawings and necessary
Documents are available in digital form for further processing.


Of course we plan the project together with you.
Made in Germany is not just an advertising slogan for our products, it is lived down to the last detail.
We are very proud of this! High-quality materials, precision in production and the quality of selected suppliers form our maxim. In the end, there is a high-quality, functional product designed for longevity, which thus finds its lasting added value with the customer.
Using the latest laser technology, our raw and structural parts are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, edged and welded in modules. After production, they are pickled in an immersion bath, thereby achieving maximum protection for the material.
Reliable drive technology from WEG ensures our systems not only proven quality, but also a worldwide service network. Components and drives are designed for permanent 24-hour operation.
The production takes place according to CAD 3D component drawings. Each component is designed and statically calculated for its application and maximum load. A technically high-quality computer program simulates the real operating conditions.
Electrics, electronics and state-of-the-art control technology from Siemens in accordance with industry standard 4.0 form the platform of our systems for integrated functionality. A system and process visualization, as well as our ARC active remote control ensure a low-personnel continuous operation of our system technology.
We would be happy to advise you without obligation in a personal meeting.