PyroDry 5000


Belleville, Illinois USA April 2023

On the site of a former mining company, the first PyroDry®5000 plant in the USA is being built. A local farmer has been disposing of sewage sludge from surrounding cities for over 20 years and using it as fertilizer on his fields. The increasing environmental pollution caused by the sometimes toxic sewage sludge has led to a change in mindset. In collaboration with the municipalities, 20,000 tons of sewage sludge will be processed into valuable coal in a total of 3 PyroDry®5000 plants. The focus is particularly on PFAS, known as persistent and hardly destructible chemicals that accumulate in sewage sludge. Unlike in incineration, PFAS are almost completely destroyed in the pyrolysis process, which excludes oxygen. At the same time, approximately 3,500 tons of CO2 are stored as carbon annually.
A groundbreaking project that has already attracted strong regional interest. The delivery of the first of a total of 3 plants will take place in 2023.